Patient Monitoring System Introduction

NB Vital Sign Monitoring System

A patient fall is one of the most common adverse events that occur in acute and long-term care facilities today. 30% of acute care falls and 20% of nursing home falls lead to serious injuries. About $5.98 billion was spent in U.S hospitals and nursing homes to treat those fall accidents. (Source: ECRI report)

In this manner, we devised NB Safety Bed System which can provide real-time monitoring of patient’s status whether the patient is on the bed or not. If sudden fall or bed-exiting accident happens, then it will automatically and immediately alarm nursing staffs or whoever needs to be aware of that. With non-contact sensor and mobile transmission technology, NB Safety Bed System is simply invisible and hidden product for the patient, that is, the patient will never be aware of its existence.

We designed NB Vital Sign Monitoring System followed by NB Safety Bed System. It contains every features of NB Safety Bed system and also has more critical function which can check patient’s vital sign such as heart rate, respiratory and etc. No one can deny that checking patient’s vital sign is important and NB Vital Monitoring System takes a role of this important. Our product can monitor patient’s vital signs in real-time with non-contact sensor. Below the mattress is the non-contact sensor located and it checks patient’s vital signs and his or her absence/presence. If something wrong goes on, just like NB Safety Bed System, it will immediately alarm nursing staffs and have proper treatment be done and save the patient. It will prevent the situation that a patient can go wrong when they are not given proper treatment at a right time.