NB Vital Sign System

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   General Description

    Measuring patient’s vital signs (heart rate, respiratory and activity) and managing it at the central monitoring system

    Non-contact sensor below the mattress (No electrode, cable and cannula)

    Ubiquitous health care system which can manage over hundreds of patients at a time

    Same technology with NB Safety Bed System

Healthcare Solution

Healthcare Solution

  1. WiBro handheld devices
  2. Laptops
  3. Cell phones
  4. Portable multimedia devices
    Features of NB Safety Bed System

    Monitoring patient’s heart rate, respiratory and activity with non-sensor
    Preventing bed-falling or bed-exiting accidents and lessen a burden nurses
    Ubiquitous environment through wireless network system
    Monitoring apnea, somnambulism and epilepsy patients while they sleep
    Automatic alarm when unusual vital sign keeps going over the designated time period
    Easy data analysis through graphs and statistics

    Features of Monitoring Software
    Central monitoring and controlling of over hundreds of beds at a time
    Real-time graph of heart rate, respiratory and activity of patient
    Absence / presence check of patient on the bed
    Data accuracy check
    Information management of patient
    Data log and save (graph and statistics of patient history)
    Emergency alarm (SMS text message, alarm system, etc)

  1. Bed Sensor - L-2060
      Type - Bed Sensor
      Placed - Under mattress
      Weight limit - No limit
      Sense - Vital sign (BCG and rosp)
      Dimensions (W*L) - 200*580mm
      Thickness - 0.4mm | Color - Grey
      Weight - 140g | Cable length - 3m
      Surface material - Polyester
  2. Sensor Controller
      Adaptor Output - DC5V/1A
      Dimensions (W*L*H) - 70*125*60 mm
  3. WLAN - 802.11b/g(2.4GHz) or Zigbee
  4. Monitoring Program (PC requirements)
      CPU: Pentium 4 or higher
      RAM: 1G or higher
      OS: Windows XP
      Database: MySQL
      Software: NB_SBS Ver1.0
   Block Diagram