NB Safety Bed System

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Why NB Safety Bed System?

    A patient fall is one of the most common adverse events that occur in long-term care facilities today. Every year, thousands of patients are injured by a fall after leaving their bed or chair. Studies have shown that more than one third of elders who are over 65 years old fall each year. Bed falls of elders or patients can lead to a more serious injury or illness without an instant help. The system is also helpful for those who suffer from dementia, cannot press a pendant to summon for help, who should not leave their bed without assistance. NB Safety Bed system reduces the nurses' workload by enabling an easy management over hundreds of beds and patients.

NB Safety Bed System Structure Diagram

Bed Sensor
    How it works?
    When an unassisted person leaves the bed, the bed sensor sends the exit signal to the monitoring program by using high-tech wireless technology of ZigBee, WLAN, and CDMA. This wireless technology enables the system to be operated without any spatial limitation.
    The Sensor that is used in the NB Safety Bed System operates by detecting vital signs (heart rate & respiration), and not person's weight.
    This high-tech sensor is installed below mattress resulting long lasting sensor lifetime. The central monitoring program can control over hundreds of beds and its users' information (personal, medical, and bed-exit) in a single monitoring client program.
  1. WiBro handheld devices
  2. Laptops
  3. Cell phones
  4. Portable multimedia devices
    Features of NB Safety Bed System

    Searching function – patient registration and information
      Patient registration (sensor information, patient information, etc)
      Searching patient information (name, age, guardian, room #, illness type etc)

    Real-time monitoring system
      Monitoring of patient status on the bed (Total and specific monitoring)
      Real time monitoring of patient

    Instant responding function for 24 hours
      Emergency calling (SMS, alarm, telephone, etc)

    Management of bed sensor
      Total and specific alarm operating time control, operation and calling

    Features of Monitoring Software

    Central monitoring and controlling of over hundreds of beds
    User registration (sensor info, personal info, medical record, and etc)
    Info management (name, age, caregiver, room #, medical condition and etc)
    Real time bed status monitoring (presence and absence)
    System management (alarm timing control, delay time control)
    Emergency alert (SMS, alarm sound, and etc)
    Data record (statistics and graphs of bed-exit history)
  1. Bed Sensor - L-2060
      Type - Bed Sensor
      Placed - Under mattress
      Weight limit - No limit
      Sense - Vital sign (BCG and rosp)
      Dimensions (W*L) - 200*580mm
      Thickness - 0.4mm | Color - Grey
      Weight - 140g | Cable length - 3m
      Surface material - Polyester
  2. Sensor Controller
      Adaptor Output - DC5V/1A
      Dimensions (W*L*H) - 70*125*60 mm
  3. WLAN - 802.11b/g(2.4GHz) or Zigbee
  4. Monitoring Program (PC requirements)
      CPU: Pentium 4 or higher
      RAM: 1G or higher
      OS: Windows XP
      Database: MySQL
      Software: NB_SBS Ver1.0
   Block Diagram